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Tungsten Alloy Flying Carrier

Tungsten Alloy Properties

Tungsten alloy has so many good properties such as: high density (much higher than steel and 60% higher than lead), small volume, high temperature resistance, highcorrosion resistance, low vapor pressure perfect hardness (even harder than steel), non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

As the properties of tungsten alloy, tungsten alloy is widely used in making tungsten alloy flying carrier. Because of its great hardness and resistance to high temperature, usage of tungsten alloy applications has been steadily increasing since the 1940's. Tungsten alloy has high density with small capacity, so it is the best material to be used as counterweight; tungsten heavy alloy is the best choice to be used as counterweight. Compared with lead, tungsten has smaller volume, so tungsten's resistance is smaller than lead, which will make the carrier move ahead more quickly. Tungsten alloy carrier counterweights vary in size and shape.

Tungsten Alloy Flying Carrier

Tungsten alloy has the properties of wear resistance, excellent hardness, so the foot of flying carrier made of tungsten alloy material, when flying carrier flying and falling.

Good corrosion resistance is one advantage for tungsten alloy to make flying carrier shoes, when the flying carrier emergency landing, it does have the choice of the ground, the tungsten flying carrier shoes can not be corrosion when the environment is bad.

When the flying carrier landing and sliding, the speed is so fast that the friction is so big and it can produce a lot of heat, flying carrier shoes can resistant this problems and keep the flying carrier land safely.

We can provide various kinds of tungsten heavy alloy materials used in flying carrier, besides, Chinatungsten who has more than 20 years experience of tungsten alloy can also offered other tungsten alloy products according to your requirements.

Tungsten Alloy Flying Carrier Pictures

flying carrier tungsten alloy flying carrier tungsten alloys flying carrier tungsten flying carrier
Flying Carrier-01
Flying Carrier-02
Flying Carrier-03
Flying Carrier-04

Tungsten alloy is widely used in flying carrier, Chinatungsten is a professional tungsten alloy products manufacturer and supplier, besides tungsten alloy flying carrier, we can also provide other tungsten alloy products according to your requirements.

If you have any interest in tungsten alloy flying carrier, please feel free to contact us by email: or by phone: 86 592 5129696.

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