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Tungsten Counterweights for Sports

Due to high density but small volume, high melting point, excellent hardness, superior wearing resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, high ductility, well machinability, non-toxic and environmental friendly, high impact resistance and crack resistance, tungsten counterweights become more and more popular used for sports fields, such as:

Tungsten Alloy Cube

Since tungsten heavy metal is hard to be machined, the common remotion process could not make tungsten heavy metal perfect.But Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is an ideal manufacture process to making tungsten alloy cubes. MIM is suitable to manufacture the metal and ceramic component with the property of complex three-dimensional structure, high density, high rigidity, high precision, etc.. The smaller, more precise, more complex, MIM have more advantage, the density comes 95%-98%. The high density of tungsten balance weight makes it possible to significantly reduce the physical size of components. This in turn, gives the benefit of greater control of weight distribution and increases the sensitivity of controlling mechanisms. Where a large mass must be housed within a restricted area, tungsten alloy are the ideal material to make tungsten counterweight.
tungsten-alloy-cube tungsten-alloy-cube

Tungsten Alloy Fishing Weights

Fishing weight is also called fishing jigs and can be used in both the fresh water and salty water. The only difference is the weight used, for and it is important to be sure, tungsten counterweights will sink fast enough into the water. Generally, try to adopt the lightest jig weight if possible, because the lightest fishing jig permits you to feel the bottom and any cover it contacts. In clear water, lighter weights ranging from1/8 ounce to 1/4 ounce should be combined with light line for more effective and spinning tackle are also necessary. For murky or deep water, it needs for more dense cover and heavier jigs about 3/8 to 5/8 ounce, and can be fished on tackle with heavy line. In the case of the windy day, it's hard to maintain contact with it of fishing to detect strikes, while product will be not the problem if blow a bow in your line and go to have a heavier fishing sinkers.
tungsten_alloy_bullet_color_fishing_weights fishing-jigs

Tungsten Alloy Tennis Weights

Tennis player strikes the ball and seeks to achieve as much control as possible with the greatest force applied to the ball. This occurs when the ball is struck at a position on the strings known as the "sweet spot" which is the central area of the strings. No two players have identical swings and therefore two different players may swing slightly different with the same racket. Further, since the tennis racket weight and overall structure is fixed after it is made. The only way to achieve a different arrangement is to obtain a new racket with different weight or weight distribution. It would, however, be advantageous if weights could be easily added at selected points of the racket that would improve a players overall swing. Selected weighting could be used to not only increase the head weight for more powerful serve, but also to correct imbalances in a player's swing. Tungsten counterweight is the most favorable material in it.
tungsten_alloy_bullet_color_fishing_weights fishing-jigs

Tungsten Alloy Golf Weights

Main body of club head is made of low-density, lightweight and tough alloy, but a tungsten counterweight is needed to increase the head weight and balance the swing. Tungsten counterweight slot is in the shape of long slot or ring slot, it is engaged to the bottom or center or the periphery of the club head' main body. It is put into tungsten counterweight slot, and the neck part is welded on one side of the top of the club head main body to make up the golf club head. Golf weights with different gravities can be manufactured by changing position of the counterweight slot welding on the club head main body, so that every golfer can be matched with different golf club.
tungsten_alloy_bullet_color_fishing_weights fishing-jigs

Tungsten Alloy Ski Weighst

Tungsten ski balance weights relate to the technological sector of skis and the associated accessories which allows optimum performance to be achieved in all the sporting disciplines of downhill skiing. More particularly, the product relates to an assembly consisting of ski, ski-boot and associated bindings in which one or more weights of variable size are mounted on the ski in order to achieve better balancing of the ski itself and a reduction in the vibrations of its various parts caused by the fact that the pressure stresses acting on the zone of bearing contact of the ski with the snow change continually and very rapidly as regards the intensity and the point of application.
ski-balance-weight tungsten-alloy-counterweight

Tungsten Counterweight for Transports

As we all know, on larger modern vessels, the keel is made of or filled with a high density material, such as lead. However, lead is not environmental-friendly, so owning to high density and non-toxic, tungsten heavy alloy is increasingly adopted in counterweighs for sailboat,airplane,car ect. By placing tungsten counterweight as low as possible (often in a large bulb at the bottom of the keel) the maximum righting moment can be extracted from the given mass. Traditional forms of ballast carried inside the hull were stones or sand.
yatch_counterweight yatch_counterweight01

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