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Tungsten Free Diving Weight Belt

free diving tungsten weight
tungsten free diving weight

Tungsten Free diving weight belt is depth compensating and allows for expansion while breathing up at the surface.The tungsten free diving weight belt may be the most important piece for the free diver, yet the most over looked. Having a weight belt that is not fit right, it’s very dangerous while diving.

Freediving, free-diving, or free diving is a form of underwater diving that relies on divers' ability to hold their breath until resurfacing rather than on the use of a breathing apparatus such as scuba gear. Recognised examples of freediving activities include traditional fishing techniques, competitive and non-competitive freediving, competitive and non-competitive spearfishing and freediving photography, synchronized swimming, underwater football, underwater rugby,underwater hockey, underwater hunting other than spearfishing, underwater target shooting and snorkeling.

The use of the term to describe breath-hold diving should be recognized as late 20th century in origin, which has been popularly expanded to apply to earlier diving activities. More and more people like free diving, and required a better diving weight that is reason why the tungsten free diving weight is more and more popular.

For free diver’s weight belts made from tungsten alloy is king. Why not lead? As the tungsten is about 1.6 times dense than lead which means the tungsten free diving weight belt will be more small than lead weight with the same weight. Multiple small streamline weights (1 to 2 lbs) are better than a few big weights. The weight will distribute better on your waist and small adjustments in buoyancy can be made.The tungsten free diving weight belt is allow a deeper dive than the lead weight belt.Tungsten is more harder than lead, it could service longer than lead weight.Besides, the lead is toxic which would damage human health and pollute the environment. on the contrary, tungsten is non-toxic and environmental friendly.

free diving tungsten weight
Tungsten free Diving Weight

The tungsten free diving weight belt is of simple design, with a quick release buckle. A good one will last for many years. For divers with a back problem cut a piece of rubber ¼ “x 6” x 1’ (or the width of the back of your waist) and attach it to your weight belt. The tungsten free diving weight is cut a slot (the width of the weight belt) 2” from each end in the center of the 6” width and thread the belt through it. This will allow the weights to sit on the rubber brace distributing the weight across your back giving you support.


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