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Tungsten Alloy Barrel Weight

High-density tungsten alloy barrel weight, is also called tungsten barrel weight is commonly used for fishing jigs and darts where there is a need of high mass in a limited space.

Tungsten barrel weight resembles a bullet. Cylindrical in shape, tungsten barrel weights are narrower at one end and widen out at the base.tungsten alloy barrel weights

It is difficult to find out what tungsten alloy barrel weight means in English, because both the weight for fishing and for darts are called tungsten alloy barrel weight. Besides, in Chinese,barrel means container used for stocking, but in the foreign countries, barrel is the object with barrel shape.

Why Adopting Tungsten?

Lead, steel and tungsten are the widely used materials for barrel weights, but tungsten alloy barrel weight is the most suitable material to be used for the high density and environmentally friendly properties.

The picture shows the three metals and the amount needed to reach the same weight. As you can see, it takes a lot less tungsten than steel for the same weight.


Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the three metals:





  • Soft-easy to bend and cut.
  • Low cost
  • Medium density
  • Take it away from children
  • Toxic
  • Only available in one form-1/4" cylinders


  • Low cost
  • Can be cut
  • Low density
  • Can rust


  • High density
  • Small volume more weight
  • High cost
  • difficult to shape

Tungsten Barrel Weight Advantage

Finished tungsten barrel weights are half size of lead weights at the same weight, so tungsten alloy barrel weight can go through the barriers more smoothly. It will not be easily be damaged by rocks. Tungsten alloy barrel weight is corrosion ressistant , can be used in any water, and also, tungsten barrel weight is enviromentally friendly.

tungsten barrel weights tungsten alloy barrel weight

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