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Tungsten Alloy Golf Screw

What Is Tungsten Alloy Golf Screw?

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Tungsten Alloy Golf Screw
Golf club head includes one or more balance weights for swing balancing the golf club. The balance weight is selected from a plurality of balance weights and mounted in a weight cavity formed in the golf club head. Tungsten alloy golf screw plays an important role in properly balancing golf head.

Tungsten alloy is the best material for this significant role of golf club balance weight. With high density and low volume, tungsten alloy allows for very precise balance adjustments. Properly placed it can even correct a swing.The product is widely used because of the properties of small volume and high density.

We can offer tungsten alloy golf screw with a sole component entirely
We adopt Metal Injection Molding method for making an entire golf club head composed of a metal injection molded material having a tungsten alloy composition.

Why Use Tungsten alloy Golf Screw?

Numerous techniques have been used for weighting golf club heads in order to gain better performance. In persimmon wood club heads, weights were attached to the sole in order to lower the center of gravity. The first metal woods had sufficient weight, but the weight distribution deterred slightly from performance.The refinement of hollow metal woods with weighting on the sole improved upon the performance of these clubs. We use tungsten alloy in the sole of each titanium club head body to vary the weight of the golf club head.
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Tungsten Alloy Golf Screw

Advantages of Tungsten alloy Golf Screw from Chinatungsten Online:

1、Density-designed according to customers needs (10~18.6g/cc)
2、High tensile strength, toughness, hardness and excellent machinability
3、Corrosion resistant
4、Dense, nonporous material
5、Color consistency

Typical Properties of Tungsten alloy Golf Screw

W % Density (±0.1) g/cc Tensile strength MPa Elongation % Hardness Density P/T % Impact strength J/cm2
35 10 ≥480 ≥25 80~8 5HRB ≥99.5  
45 11 ≥500 ≥25 83~85HRB ≥99.5  
53 12 ≥550 ≥23 85~88HRB ≥99.5  
60 13 ≥600 ≥20 88~92HRB ≥99.6  
70 14 ≥780 ≥10 93~97HRB ≥99.6
80 15 ≥800 ≥12 95~99HRB ≥99.6  
85 16 ≥830 ≥12 99~102HRB ≥99.6  
90 17.1 ≥850 ≥20 26~27.5HRC ≥99.7 30
91 17.3 ≥900 ≥20 26~27.5HRC ≥99.7 30
93 17.6 ≥920 ≥21 26~27.8HRC ≥99.7 30
95 18.1 ≥920 ≥15 28~29HRC ≥99.7 10
96 18.3 ≥920 ≥12 28~29HRC ≥99.9 10
97 18.5 ≥880 ≥8 30~31HRC ≥99.9 8
We may design any type of W-Ni-Fe,W-Ni-Cu,W-Ni-Fe-Cu,W-Ni-Co according to the clients' requirements

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