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Tungsten Alloy Crankshaft Brick

Tungsten alloy crankshaft brick is placed on the balancer and spun to determine the points where metal needs to be added or removed. The balancer indexes of the crank show the exact position and weight to be added or subtracted. The electronic brain inside the balancer head does the calculations and displays the results. The tungsten alloy crankshaft counterweight is done by two inserts which are made of tungsten alloy, to improve acceleration. Common method is adding light elements such as silicon to reduce the weight of the crankshaft.

Tungsten alloy brick typically connects to a flywheel, to reduce the pulsation characteristic of the four-stroke cycle, and sometimes a tensional or vibration damper at the opposite end, to reduce the torsion vibrations often caused along the length of the tungsten alloy crankshaft by the cylinders farthest from the output end acting on the tensional elasticity of the metal.

tungsten alloy crankshaft brick
Tungsten Alloy Crankshaft Brick

Using tungsten alloy brick can also be cost effective with some crankshaft designs. Since the raw steel stock needed for the crankshaft can be much smaller if it does not need to include the counterweights. It also makes it easier to machine the crank pins hollow without having counterweights in the way.

With regards to tungsten's properties, it is a very dense metal with a high Moe, so it makes a more compact counterweight mass. If the tungsten alloy crankshaft brick counterweights are radically bolted, fatigue is not much of a problem since the bolt loads are not reversing.

Tungsten alloy's high density also gives enhanced sensitivity by increasing the control of load distribution. What's more, tungsten alloy brick has high tensile strength and good creep resistance with a high mass ratio, so it will be the ideal to work in a restricted space. We can provide all kinds of tungsten alloy crankshaft brick as your requirements.

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