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747 Wing Tungsten Counter Weights

What Is Tungsten Counter Weights?

747 wing tungsten counter weights Tungsten material is widely used for counter weights, working as so-called tungsten weight in many fields, such as in racing car, yacht, airplane, etc. As we know, the density for tungsten alloy could be ranged from 17.0g/cm3 to 18.5g/cm3, and the capacity could be reduced if it needs to be use in a small place. Besides, as its special properties, such as high density, wearing resistance, excellent elongation, well machining ability, tungsten is a suitable material to produce 747 wing tungsten counter weights.

The Advantages of 747 Wing Tungsten Counter Weights

747 wing tungsten counter weights (also called 747 wing tungsten balance weights) are controlled by control horns, which is a section of control surface which projects ahead of the pivot point. Control horns may also incorporate 747 wing tungsten counter weights which help to balance the control and prevent wings from "fluttering" in the airstream.

Compared to depleted uranium counter-balance weights, which is a kind of radioactivity material, the tungsten counter weights are harmless to environment and health. Tungsten materials also have some advantages, such as high density of 18.6g/cm3, high modulus of elasticity, wearing resistance and good machinability. Due to tungsten alloy materials has high density, which is 60% higher than lead. Compared to lead materials, tungsten counter weights can be smaller than lead counter weights, which can be appropriate for space limited situations. In addition, tungsten material is Non-Toxic, that is harmless than lead material. Nowadays, tungsten materials are best substitution for 747 wing tungsten counter weights.

Photographs of 747 Wing Tungsten Counter Weights

747 wing tungsten counter weights 747 wing tungsten counter weights

Chinatungsten can offer semi-finished and finished aircraft wing tungsten counter weights according to customers' drawings.

If you have any interest in aircraft tungsten counter weights, please feel free to email us: or call us by: 0086 592 512 9696, 0086 592 512 9595. We are at your service.

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