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Tungsten Ignition Tubes for Rocket Engine

What is Rocket Engine Ignition Tubes?

A rocket engine tungsten ignition tubes or simply "rocket" is a jet engine that uses only propellant mass for forming its high speed propulsive jet. Rocket engines tungsten ignition tubes are reaction engines and obtain thrust in accordance with Newton's third law. Since tungsten ignition tubes need no external material to form their jet ignition tubes, rocket engines ignition tubes can be used for spacecraft propulsion as well as terrestrial uses, such as missiles. Most rocket engines ignition tubes are internal combustion engines, although non combusting forms also exist.
Ignition Tube
Tungsten Ignition Tube

Rocket engines produce thrust by the expulsion of a high-speed fluid exhaust. Ignition tubes fluid is nearly always a gas which is created by high pressure (10-200 bar) combustion of solid or liquid propellants, consisting of fuel and oxidizer components, within a combustion chambe. (

Pictures of Ignition Tubes

Tungsten Alloy Application for Rocket Engine Ignition Tubes

Because of its superior wear resistance, high melting point, low vapor point and strange hardness, tungsten alloy is increasingly used to manufacture ignition tubes of rocket engines. We can provide ignition tubes for rocket engine as your requirements. Ignition tubes offered by us are qualified.

In rockets, temperatures employed are very often far higher than the melting point of the nozzle and combustion chamber materials. Ignition tubes in rocket engine can overcome this problem, two exceptions are graphite and tungsten (~1200 K for copper). It is important that tungsten ignition tubes be prevented from combusting, melting or vaporizing to the point of failure. Properly manufactured and corrosion shielded tungsten alloy parts will increase safety of any rocket usage.

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