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Tungsten Alloys Ultra Thin Sheet

Tungsten Alloy Ultra Thin Sheet is made of tungsten based pseudo alloys, where tungsten is combined with some other alloying elements like Ni, Fe, Cu, Co, Mo, and Cr etc. Tungsten alloy sheets are classified in several groups : W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu, W-Co, W-WC-Cu, W-Cu and W-Ag according to alloying elements and applications. Tungsten alloy sheet is one of our leading products.
tungsten alloy sheet
Tungsten Alloy Ultra Thin Sheet

With high density, high modulus of elasticity & strength, high hardness and rigidity, excellent electrical & thermal conductivities, low thermal expansion coefficients, high absorption to X-ray and g-ray, with welding and machining ability.Tungsten alloy ultra thin sheets find many applications in space, aeronautics, military, petroleum drilling, electrical devices, medical industries and measuring systems as well. Tungsten alloy sheets, especially thin ones are used the very frequently, even though, they are the most difficulty to  manufacture. Based on patented technologies of company, it of high density tungsten alloy sheet has been mass-produced and exported to many countries and regions such as USA, Mexio, and Eurpe. The high-density tungsten alloy ultra thin sheet is awarded the advanced Hi-Tech award.

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A method of producing a high-density tungsten alloy ultra thin sheet utilizes a thin-gage sheet or foil substrate of a first alloy constituent as a starting material. A prescribed mixture of tungsten metal powder and a second metal alloy constituent powder, such as nickel, is loaded on the substrate and partially consolidated in a protective atmosphere furnace to form a porous tungsten alloy sheet skeleton that is also partially bonded to the substrate.

tungsten alloy ultra thin sheets
Tungsten Alloy Sheet

Tungsten alloy sheet is then preferably cooled in a protective atmosphere and sheared into desired lengths. The sized pieces of tungsten alloy sheet are then further heated in a protective atmosphere at gradually increasing temperatures to a point above the melting point of the substrate, where upon the substrate sheet or foil melts and infiltrates the porous tungsten alloy skeleton to complete the densification of the tungsten alloy sheet.

Specification of Tungsten Alloy Ultra Thin Sheet:
Thinness: 0.03—0.09mm
Width: 50-200mm
Length: >=100mm

The thickness of the tungsten alloy sheet products are as follows:
Foil - a thickness of less than 0.005 in. (0.13 mm).
Sheet - thickness less than or equal to 0.187 inches (4.75 mm) to greater than or equal to 0.005 inches (0.13 mm)
Plate - thickness greater than or equal to 0.188 inches (4.75 mm).

tungsten alloy ultra thin sheet
Tungsten Alloy Ultra Thin Sheet

We can provide all kinds of highest quality tungsten alloy ultra thin sheet, tungsten alloy sheet according to your requirements. Tungsten alloy sheet offered by us are qualified.

Typical Application of tungsten alloy ultra thin sheet:
Tungsten alloy ultra thin sheet is used in the field of LED lighting, televisions, circuit boards; also used for other electrical aspects, including the EDM electrodes, resistance welding electrode, electrolytic point, the air circuit breaker contacts, upsetting block, IC substrate.
Tungsten alloy ultra thin sheet also can be used in the IPAD, IPHONE, as well as the CPU heat sink.

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