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Tungsten Rivet Block

When it gets down to brass tacks, the metal matters, which is why we offer rivet block made from either steel or tungsten. With over 140 different configurations to choose from, Chinatungsten’s tungsten rivet block selection won’t crack (or scratch) under pressure. And if your work requires riveting in tight, obstructed areas, we can offer just the right size to reach those tight areas and material density to minimize vibration.

There are over 90 metals in the periodic table and perhaps hundreds of metal alloys known to man, yet most rivet blocks are made of tungsten. Why are they made of tungsten? Tungsten is used to make them because it is a dense metal. The more tungsten a block has, the smaller it can be made without sacrificing weight. The volume of steel rivet block is larger than the tungsten one in the same weight. The higher the tungsten content, the higher the quality of the rivet block. The most commonly used alloys are anywhere between 90% and 97% tungsten.

Tungsten Rivet Block Images

tungsten rivet block image  tungsten rivet block image  tungsten rivet block image 

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