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Tungsten Gift Card

Gift card makes the ideal enticement both for the giftor and the giftee. There are four types of cards - store branded, birthday, thank you or congratulations cards. Why the gift cards are popular is based on their convenience as they remove the challenge of deciding exactly what to buy for the recipient. Whether it’s a food or drink offer or promotion at a restaurant or bar, discounts at department stores, shopping malls or online retailers or a free cinema or event tickets, they can be used for just about any opportunity.

To customize tungsten gift card we offer a range of options to make each card traceable. Typically, we either laser etch or print a unique number on each gift card as well as store or retail store or branch identifier. We also can include a magnetic strip, barcode or qr code to each card. A signature strip adds a personal touch to the card as well. We can also use our signature strip panels so that a personal message can be added to the tungsten gift card. This helps personalization and increases the closeness the gift card.

Tungsten Gift Card Images

tungsten gift card image  tungsten gift card image  tungsten gift card image 

If you have any interest in tungsten gift card, please feel free to contact us by email: or by telephone:0086 592 5129696.

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