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Tungsten Copper Alloy Manufacture Process

Tungsten Copper Alloy Manufacture Process

Tungsten copper alloy, is also called tungsten copper, is made by pressing the tungsten particles into a desired shape, sintering the compacted part, and then infiltrating with molten copper. sheets, rods and bars of tungsten copper are available as well.

There are two basic tungsten copper manufacture processes:
1. Powdered Metallurgy: A blend fine powders of tungsten, copper and various binders is formed under high pressure and then sintered at high temperatures in which process material becomes fully dense.
2. Infiltration: Tungsten copper manufacture process of copper infiltrated into a tungsten skeleton. Tungsten copper manufacture process is performed under pressure and high temperature.

Tungsten Copper Alloy Manufacture Process of Copper Infiltrated Method

Copper infiltrated method, which is a kind of tungsten copper manufacture process, as a more economical method of production of powder metallurgy structural parts, as early as in 1940 in North America to get industrial applications, tungsten copper manufacture process can make the material's ultimate tensile strength of about doubling, so the last few years, SCM metal Products company of the researchers, further development of the copper infiltrated process, the guarantee copper infiltrated and steel with high tensile strength, has been 10 times higher than the values ​​reported in the standard MPIF1984/l985 years.

Copper infiltrated (covered) process research
Copper infiltrated work in a vacuum furnace or hydrogen protection furnace. Melt infiltration, the copper liquid rise height and copper liquid is proportional to the surface tension is inversely proportional to its viscosity. Copper infiltrated temperature is too high or too low affects the penetration effect. Cooling rate of copper- infiltration on the quality of the copper layer has a great influence, the cooling rate is too fast to produce pores and cracks easily; the same time, due to the heterogeneity of the furnace temperature, the product copper layer thickness is not uniform, so after copper infiltrated using a special cooling process. In order to simplify the process, you can in a hot cycle to complete copper infiltrated and copper processes.

The benefits of copper infiltrated:
① In order to plating, coating and subsequent processing to provide sealing.
② Seal hydraulic pressure.
③ Combine with multiple components.
④ Improve thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity.
⑤ Improve the machine-processing performance.

Pictures of copper infiltrated products:

вольфрама медный сплав tungsten copper alloy вольфрама медный сплав
Copper infiltrated-01 Copper infiltrated-02 Copper infiltrated-03

Tungsten copper is an alloy that is made by pressing tungsten or tungsten carbide, copper infiltrated, sintering the pressed tungsten at a high temperature, and then infiltrating it with copper. Sintering is a metallurgic process by which a metallic powder is made into a coherent mass by heating without melting. Copper infiltrated products physical properties of both tungsten and copper make them not mutually soluble, meaning that one cannot be combined with the other, similar to the way oil and water will not mix. The copper infiltrated alloy is made by dispersing the particles of one metal into a matrix or crystallized pattern of another. This makes tungsten copper's "micro-structure" or molecular shape that of a metal matrix composite and not of a true alloy.

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