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Tungsten Anviloy Welding Rod

Anviloy 1150 ( WNiFeMo ) is a tungsten based material made using special high temperature powder metallurgy techniques.
Tungsten anviloy 1150 welding rod is applied with TIG (GTAW) welding techniques and can be repaired or built up in worn areas by the use of tungsten anviloy1150 welding rod.
Tungsten anviloy welding rod also can be used in repairing dies extending the life of the die and lowering cost.
Tungsten anviloy welding rod works as follows:

tungsten anviloy welding rod tungsten anviloy tungsten anviloy rod

We can manufacture tungsten heavy alloy products as Anviloy subtitute products.

Tungsten Anviloy welding rod is usually made by the composition of W Ni Fe Mo alloy, which is also called Anviloy 1150 ( WNiFeMo ), it is a tungsten based material made using special high temperature powder metallurgy techniques. Anviloy 1150 material has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, hot erosion resistance and good thermal conductivity. The excellent thermal conductivity of Anviloy 1150 provides an additional benefit to increase cooling in difficult to cool areas. Therefore Anviloy 1150 can be used to increase cooling in critical areas to minimize porosity. It was developed primarily as an alternative to H-13 Tool Steels for die cast tooling to save you time and money.

With Anviloy 1150 as the base for your dies, client could get more additional benefits: longer die life, better surface finishes on products, fewer rejects, lower cost Less porosity in heavy sections

Application: Hot Extrusion Dies, Die Cast Tooling, and high mass and gyro. Machinability is similar to gray iron. Chinatungsten can supply tungsten alloy welding material Anviloy 1150 ( WNiFeMo ) as per different shape requirement.

Properties of Anviloy and our substitute products :


Products Normal Composition Density(g/cm3) UTS(N/mm2) Hardness (HRC) Applications
Anviloy 1150 90%W4Mo4Ni2Fe 17.25 965 34  
Anviloy 4200 93%WNiFeMo 17.8 885 30 Extrusion Dies
Anviloy 4000 90%WNiFeMo 17.3 960 32 Die Casting Tools, Extrusion Tools
Anviloy 4100 86%WNiFeMo 16.7 1075 36 Die Casting Tools

Typical Properties of Anviloy 1150

Chemistry: 90%W, 4%Ni; 4%Mo; 2%Fe
Density: 0.62lb/in3 17.25g/cm3
Hardness: 34HRC 67HRA
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 140ksi 965Mpa
RT Yield Strength (.2%) 125ksi 862Mpa
RT Elongation (in 2'') 3%  

We can not only supply tungsten anviloy welding rod, but also could supply plate, block and finished parts according to the user's drawing. If you are interested in tungsten anviloy welding rod or would like to know more information about tungsten welding, please feel free to contact us by email: or by phone: 0086 592 5129696.

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